Til The Wind Dies Down (EP Track) - Gus Stagg "Stranger Shadows"
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UNTIL THE WIND DIES DOWN (copyright 2018 Gus Stagg)

When she walks by
You hear a saxophone play
She's got those high-ridin' thighs
Baby, bombs away

She's got those raw bone ankles
At the end of those legs
A Belvidere stomach
With a backside sway

She's an F-5 tornado
Roarin' through this town
I'm layin' low, boys
Until the wind dies down

She's a renaissance woman
That's for sure
She don't need no man
To open up no door

She got the right of passage
Right of way
And if you get nasty,
She'll get right in your face

All the boys are sniffin' 'round her
Just like hounds
I'm layin' low, boys
Until the wind dies down

She takes the elevator
To the thirteenth floor
She's a smooth soothsayer
Need I say any more?

She's a percolator
About to overflow

A strong persuader

To the status quo

She makes things hover
She makes things move around
I'm takin' cover, boys
Until the wind dies down

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