"STRANGE LIGHTS" Has No Digital Download Available?

That's right - there is NO digital download available.

Any digital version of this album available for download or streaming is ILLEGAL. The only way to get the album is to purchase a PHYSICAL copy here. In only a few short days, you will have the actual CD (and/or the amazing glow-in-the-dark EP featuring songs not on the album) in your hands.

Feel free to convert your cd's high-quality pristine audio (and/or your ep's warm vintage analog audio) into whatever lossy format you'd prefer, in order to enjoy it however you'd like.

Stories like this one remind us of how much "the industry" takes from artists, and how LITTLE the artists actually receive (James Jackson Toth had about 65,000 plays of his songs, for which he got the princely sum of $170). The record industry gave musicians a blistering raw deal for almost a hundred years - and now the only thing that has changed is the format. It's even easier for a big company to "lose track" of an artist's sales (no physical product to follow, no trucking/shipping info, no "15% factory overruns" that still end up getting sold), and not pay them the royalties they are rightfully owed.

Even famous artists are having to sue to get their proper royalties reported and paid: . "The lawsuit alleges that the Paris-based company made millions from videos and music from the film [This Is Spinal Tap] but failed to share the income with the actors and creators.The men’s statement said that Vivendi maintains that the four creators’ share of total worldwide merchandising income between 1984 and 2006 was $81. The French company estimated the total income from soundtrack music sales between 1989 and 2006 at $98, they said." Twenty-two years = $179. Right.

We think that most "piracy" of music comes from these corporate sources, rather than from consumers. Most people are happy to pay for their music when they know that the money actually goes to the artist - it makes it more likely that there will be more music from that artist in the future.

Support your local artists. Buy from them, not the middlemen.

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