Better Than Books (Album Track) - Gus Stagg "Strange Lights"
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BETTER THAN BOOKS  (copyright 2018 Gus Stagg)

I was born lonely, thirsty, and sad
My momma always told me I was just like my dad
Said “You've got his disposition, son
You've got his dirty looks...
I can read people

Better than books”

Teacher caught me nappin', way back in school
Had her big foot tappin', as I lay in my drool
Grabbed a hunk'a my hair and she gave it a shook
She said “Wake up, son, 
Do you read people,

Or do you read books?”

Stole my daddy's whiskey
Snuck off to the fort
Where me and some of my buddies
We drank the whole quart

I like to bend and break all the rules
I don't have many friends
But I'm nobody's fool
I can spot a con, a liar, a crook
I can read people

The way you read books

Stole my daddy's whiskey
Snuck off to the fort
Where me and some of my buddies
Drank the whole quart

(Smoked some cigarettes too -
Stole my dad's magazines,

we're lookin' at those, oh yeah)

 About The Song

To really read people, you have to have gone through their experiences yourself.  About being a know-it-all when you're young...being lazy...constraints of adolescence, trapped in it forever?  No, just a tiny portion of it.  The awkwardness of youth.  Stolen from Dr Bob, who said he was better at reading people than reading books.  I actually did have Mrs Utag grab my hair and shake me awake in class...nothing against books!



Gus Stagg - Guitar, Vocals, 12-string Guitar, Harmonica, Simfaps

Eddie Vejvoda - Drums

Mike Przygoda - Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Organ, Tambourine, Piano

Stephen Jansen - 12-string Guitar, Handclaps, Simfaps

Aaron Hermann - Electric Guitars, Lead Guitar

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