Another Good Man Gone (Album Track) - Gus Stagg "Strange Lights"
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ANOTHER GOOD MAN GONE (copyright 2018 Gus Stagg)

Insects clickin' in the heat of the night

A hundred billion strong

Woke up stumblin' off the edge of my life

Another good man gone

Another good man gone

There's a lion in with the lamb

Roarin' like King Kong

Daddy came home drunk again

Another good man gone

Another good man gone

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

We all know right from wrong

What we sow, that's what we reap

Another good man gone

Another good man gone

Saw a young kid with a spike in his arm

Doin' the zombie nod

The kiss of paradise is the devil's charm

Another good kid gone

Another good kid gone

Don't do it, son...



The "hundred billion strong" insect noises that open and close this song were built up from lots of short single audio samples, all sourced locally...we wanted them to be recognizable to our local listeners (cicadas really do sound very different in other geographic areas)!  It may be a very small part of the song, but the result strikingly evokes the sweltering evenings here in the Midwest.


Gus Stagg - Vocals, Slide Guitar, Reso Slide Guitar

Eddie Vejvoda - Drums

Ausberto Acevedo - Upright Bass

Mike Przygoda - Piano, Electric Guitar, Organ

Aaron Hermann - Lead Guitar, King Kong/Zombie Guitar

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